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Find the right people at the right place – on their mobile phones.


As qualified candidates start showing interest, you can easily screen, manage and contact them all in one place, empowering you to make the best hiring decisions!


Result Driven

You only pay, when you are satisfied with your pool of interested candidates and want to start interacting with them.


Publish a job

Create your job ad & shortly afterwards, it will be visible for suitable candidates in their mobile app.

Match with the right people

Our unique matching algorithm filters candidates in the app according to your needs & requirements and shows your job ad only to the most suitable people for the particular position.

Hire efficiently

Communicate and exchange documents with interested candidates, manage and track the progress of your recruiting team or approach candidates yourself.
Our platform offers an innovative and effective pre-selection and recruitment method for the needs of small and big recruiting teams alike!



What is nPloy and how does it work?

nPloy is a recruiting platform which aims to make hiring faster and more efficient by bringing together young talent with only the most suitable job openings for them. After publishing a job ad, recruiters will be able to screen and manage interested candidates. When there is mutual interest, employers and candidates can start to communicate via chat directly within the app.

How do I post a job ad?

After logging in the platform click on the ‘Post a job’ button on the left in the navigation menu. Fill in your job requirements and all other relevant information and then press Continue -> Confirm and Post.

Who will see my job ad?

Your ad will only be shown to candidates within the app that fit the required background (Years of experience, languages, etc.) and skills. Bringing together the best candidate with the best job opening is our first priority, because we know how valuable time is for both sides.

What happens after a match with a candidate?

After mutual interest employers and candidates get connected and will be notified immediately. At this point, employers can see more information about the candidate and communicate and exchange relevant documentation directly within the app via chat.

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