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Build your pocket resume in under 60 seconds. Fast & familiar – that’s the way to do it!



You only see filtered jobs according to your resume. Swipe right if interested or left to pass. A notification means there’s a match with an employer!


Get the job!

Continue to active communication – message companies directly in the app, send relevant documents, schedule an interview and get hired!


This is your scene & it’s fully mobile – always a click away!

Matching technology which only shows you the most suitable job openings. Time is valuable.

Discover, show interest, communicate – the perfect bundle for a better professional future!

Experience without question marks. Works according to your expectations!

Keep your information private (e.g Name) before a match. Get the job objectively!

Take full control over your professional future. Set the pace & manage the whole process. This is where you call your own tunes!


How does it work?

Using nPloy is fun and effortless. Firstly, you need to create a profile or just extract your existing LinkedIn profile. Then start reviewing job ads which we will recommend you based on your skills and interests. Swipe right to show interest and left if you are not interested.

How can I edit my profile?

When you are in the app tap the “More” button in the navigation menu (bottom right). Then, click “Edit Profile” just under your name.

I would like to see other types of jobs, how?

If you are not seeing the type of ads you’d be interested in, maybe you should update your filters. Tap on the “Filters” button in the navigation menu (Bottom Left) and from there you can change the business field, the location and the general conditions of the ads you see.

How do I chat with employers?

In order to chat with an employer, you have to have a match with that particular employer first. You can start a conversation with any matched employer by clicking on “Messages” in the navigation menu.

How do I change my notification settings?

When you are in the app, tap the “More” button in the navigation menu (bottom right). Then click Settings -> Notifications. There you can change both, your phone system notifications and your e-mail notifications.

I want to ask something else!

That’s great! Get in touch with us by email, on our Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram or here!